Zhan, Nian, Lian & Sui

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Lian The original meaning of Lian is continue or link. There are two meanings of Lian in Taiji Quan practice. They are continually follow and change. The first one means that you maintain continually contact by following your opponent and never let him leaving. Most time when people say Lian, they mean this. Basically Taiji Quan skills depend on your sensitivity. If you lose contact with your opponent (not just means physical, but mind and Shen), you cannot feel him any more, so that you cannot apply your Taiji Quan skills. With Lian you just maintain continually contact with your opponent while waiting for a chance to use other skills. Lian is always included in other skills. It is also used to link changes, that means it like a transfer skill. If you can keep Lian, that means you can feel your opponent all time so that you can know him always.

It is why sometimes we think it is first thing you should do in pushing hands or fighting. The basic Taiji Quan idea, "launching later but reaching (or getting control) first", is base on Lian skill. Also if you do some skills but failed, you can use Lian to get other chance. For example, when you use Nian to your opponent but he gets away. At that time you should use Lian to keep contact him and to try another chance. If your opponent gives you some trouble, Lian can also help you to adjust your position and go back safe and comfortable situation. For example, when your opponent uses Zhan to destroy your balance, you should use Lian to follow him and adjust yourself, then wait a chance to beat him back. This is most common way to use Lian.


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